Truscott Research provides a variety of recruitment and research services, with a strong emphasis on litigation and pre-trial research. We customize and personally tailor our product to meet customer needs. Find out how our team can complement yours. Contact us today.

Mock Juries

Conducting a mock trial provides important information on how regular people will problem solve your case. You have the opportunity to test arguments, evidence and witnesses with real-time feedback from mock jurors.

The quality of the information gathered is only reliable if the demographic makeup of the mock jury closely matches that of a typical jury that might be empaneled in the venue. Truscott employs several different recruiting modalities to ensure that the mock jurors are as reflective as possible.

Shadow Juries

The shadow jury takes the information gathering utility of a mock trial and places it in a real-time, real-world trial setting. Our shadow juries are meticulously chosen to represent the demographics of the real jurors, and provide on-the-ground data to your trial team.

Trials can be fast-paced and intense as well as long and drawn out. After recruitment, our team manages the shadow jurors throughout the process, keeping them assured and informed, providing you a reliable resource.

Focus Groups

While mock trials are excellent for testing more issues that are larger in scope, focus groups are appropriate for single-issue research, deliberative feedback and non-trial specific research.  If matching a specific venue is not important, a focus group recruit may also be less expensive.

Surveys, Questionnaires and Interviews

Looking for data collection from a larger audience? Truscott offers both quantitative and qualitative collection and analysis services.

Our team will assist in formulating the best method for your needs. Whether you are conducting market research or competitive analysis, we have the reach needed to provide comprehensive data and results.